Sophisticated Gutter Heaters for Your Home in the St Louis, MO, Area & Beyond

Gutter Heaters St Louis MOGutter heaters from Gutter Helmet are a wise investment for your home in St Louis, Missouri, or another nearby area. During frigid winters, heavy snow and ice can build up on the edges of your roof and damage your gutters, roof, and siding. Our Helmet Heat product is an innovative, self-regulating cable device that keeps snow and icicles from forming on the eaves of your home, protecting it from ice damage, slippery steps and walkways, and many other potentially serious safety hazards caused by ice formation. Our Helmet Heat gutter heaters work by using electricity to generate heat inside and around gutters to melt ice and snow before it can accumulate into ice dams and snow clogs. As the temperature drops, the cable responds by heating up; as the temperature rises, the cable cools down, saving you money. Helmet HeatThere are additional benefits of having Helmet Heat gutter heaters installed on your St Louis, MO, area home, including:
  • They have no unsightly wires, unlike other forms of gutter heat cable.
  • They prevent gutters and downspouts from freezing.
  • Our installers are factory trained and certified to install Helmet Heat, ensuring professional installation of your new gutter heaters.
Furthermore, many homeowners use our gutter heat cable in unison with our Gutter Helmet gutter guards, which together will ensure that your gutters remain free of debris and continue to function their best all year long. The best part? With our gutter guards in place, you’ll never have to scale a ladder to clean your gutters again – guaranteed. For more information about our gutter heaters or our other innovative gutter protection products, contact Gutter Helmet today. We are proud to serve homeowners throughout the St Louis, MO, area.