The Last Gutter Cover You will Ever Need to Install on Your Home in the St. Louis, MO, Area

Gutter cover St. Louis MOA gutter cover from Gutter Helmet is guaranteed to keep the gutters on your home in the St Louis, Missouri, area  flowing freely and working efficiently year after year, eliminating the need for you to ever have to scale a ladder to clean your gutter system again. The Gutter Helmet gutter cover works by taking advantage of surface tension – water’s natural tendency to cling to the surface over which it travels. As rainwater travels down your roof, it flows over the patented bull-nose edge of our gutter cover, dropping into the gutter where it belongs. Meanwhile, debris like leaves, twigs, seed pods, and pine needles are cast off the edge of the gutter and fall harmlessly to the ground below, keeping your gutters clean. With a Gutter Helmet gutter cover installed, you will never have to worry about your gutters becoming clogged, which can cause a slew of costly problems for your St. Louis, MO, home, including:
  • Flooded basements – If it’s not properly channeled away from your home’s foundation, water can seep into your basement through the smallest cracks. Damage from even a small infiltration of water into your home can cost thousands of dollars to repair.
  • Landscape erosion – When water cascades over the side of your gutter, it washes soil away from the perimeter of your home, creating trenches and ruining your surrounding landscaping.
  • Roof rot – Pooled water can seep under the protective barrier on your roof, rotting the material underneath.
To learn more about our gutter cover, contact the professionals at Gutter Helmet today. We would be happy to provide more information to homeowners in the St. Louis, MO, area.